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The ANKC (Australian National Kennel Control Council) has recognised that Labrador Retrievers have a problem with hip and elbow dysplagia. A puppy that is to be registered must come from parents who have been x-rayed for hip and elbow dysplagia post 1997. However, the ANKC has not set a cut off score, so take care that you are not purchasing a puppy who has parents with elbows and hips that should not be bred from.


Hip Scores

The most "talked about" condition in the Labrador Retriever is their hips. X-Rays must taken and professionally scored by an accredited facility. Each hip is scored out of a possible 53 with a number of scientific measurements being taken. The lower the score, the better the degree of "soundness". A score of 0:0 or even 5:5 are near perfect. The individual scores are added together to give a total rating. A 4:4 score would equal a total 8 and be given a rating against Australian and International averages. In Australia, the median score of Labrador Retrievers is total 14. It is obviously a median score because not all Labradors are X-Rayed and nor are all X-Rays submitted for scoring. If all X-rays were submitted for scoring then the "breed average" would likely be 18 - 20.



Elbow Scores

Elbow Dysplasia is the far more serious hereditary defect affecting Labrador Retrievers. Elbow X-Rays are almost always taken at the same time as hips, however elbows are "scored" very differently. An elbow score of 0:0 is perfect whereas a score of 3:3 would be affected. Each additional point above 0 reflects a millimetre of variation (or gap) in the elbow joint.


No amount of scientic screening of breeding stock for hereditary defects can ever guarantee that puppies will be free of these problems.

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